heritage hotels in mussoorie
About Us

A promise of a unique and memorable stay.
At carefully selected leisure properties.

At OpenSky, we know the frustration of finding that perfect, intimate place to stay. A spot tucked away from touristy clutter. We know quality or service can be chancy.

That’s why we are sifting through hundreds of properties scattered across the country. To put together India’s finest collection of small, select leisure hotels.

We’ve found heritage havelis and forts, Raj-era cottages, jungle lodges, and other hidden gems – that promise a memorable stay, without breaking the bank. We’ve personally vetted the properties. Ensured they meet standards of quality and service.

At an OpenSky resort, you can immerse yourself in local culture. Or escape to the solitude of a small, charming hotel. You can savour food that reflects the region’s culinary traditions. Or get close to nature. The service is unpretentious, relaxed and informal.

So leave behind the predictable sameness of big chains. For OpenSky’s authentic local experience.